I’m Alex and I play video games.

No, this isn’t a cry for help.

I’m creeping ever closer towards my 40’s, and juggle full time work, a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies, three children and a partner. This leaves me precious little time to play games, and even less time to write about them. But I’m going to try. This blog exists solely for my own satisfaction. I might write reviews, I might write articles, and if anyone ever finds them and enjoys them, then that’s great, thanks for visiting. But, the primary focus of this site really is just ‘something to do’. Something to stop my brain from rotting away once I finish Uni, and somewhere I can write about games I have played, books I have read and movies I’ve watched. I will be aiming to keep things concise, and plan on never having a review, article or opinion longer than 500 words. I’m going to pretend it’s for the benefit of the reader. It’s actually because I can’t usually fill more than that…