Red Team by Garth Ennis

Red Team by Garth Ennis, Dynamite Entertainment 2013.

I have had Garth Ennis’ Red Team sat on my shelf pretty much since the week it was released in trade paperback format several years ago. Today I learned that Mr Ennis has written a follow up to this mini-series, so I thought now was as good a time as any to finally get the thing read! 

I don’t know why I’ve put it off for so long. I’m a big fan of Garth’s work. His incredible work on Preacher was one of a couple of series that reignited my love for comics after a few years out of the scene. What I’ve read so far of The Boys has been exceptional, and in Crossed he managed to take the already now tiresome theme of a zombie apocalypse and managed create a world which was downright terrifying rather than one you’d actually be secretly quite excited to be thrown in to. What I’m saying is I do really enjoy his comics, so quite why it’s taken me so long to read Red Team is a mystery. Well, now I have, and I’m pleased to report it stands alongside his other work as a series definitely worthy of your attention.

I will not spoil the plot here, but loosely speaking the story is framed by the interrogation of the titular Red Team, a police major crimes unit who decide to do the unthinkable. They murder a suspect. As the story unfolds (mostly via flashbacks) expect plenty of twists and revelations – there were several ‘Aaaah!’ and ‘Ooooh!’ moments that kept me guessing until its satisfying conclusion.

The artwork, handled by Craig Cermak, is never less than exemplary, and the writing is classic Ennis. The easily offended should look away, but then again, the easily offended probably aren’t picking up a Garth Ennis book. Overall, I highly recommend this to any comic book fans, but especially those with an interest in crime fiction.

Garth Ennis – Red Team – 4 stars




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