MCU Marathon: Update #1

So, following on from my post about watching the entire MCU library, I have now watched Iron Man (5 stars) and The Incredible Hulk (4 stars).

Both movies looked great, being played as they were from Bluray disc, and I actually enjoyed them more than I thought I would. Despite being a huge comic fan, I’ve always been more DC than Marvel, and as such don’t really have any sense of nostalgia or attachment to these characters. Both Tony Stark and Bruce Banner seemed pretty well rounded protagonists though, and not nearly as one dimensional as you might assume.

I do feel that both films relied pretty heavily on the same formula though, which is: man gets powers, baddie gets similar-but-stronger powers, goodie beats baddie. It is a mild concern at this point that this format will feature very heavily throughout the rest of these films, but we’ll see.

As for Iron Man and Hulk, well the films piqued my interest enough for me to go and seek out some recommended reading for each of them. I’ve got Hulk Grey and Iron Man Extremis to get through, so I’ll let you know how that goes!

Stay tuned!

Iron Man – 5 Stars

The Incredible Hulk – 4 Stars





One thought on “MCU Marathon: Update #1

  1. Totally agree about the formula and I believe they know about it too and will continuously use it since it will ALWAYS sell well on the big screen. Good luck on the marathon though, you definitely got a bunch to keep you busy. 😀

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