Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PlayStation 4) – Naughty Dog, 2017.

Full disclosure, I am a huge Uncharted apologist. Sure, I can see the flaws, and I listen to the arguments, but I just adore this series. The characters, the worlds, the exploring, the shooting, I love it all – and this, this just might be the series finest hour. Probably the biggest credit I can give this game is that not once in its eight hour roller-coaster ride did I catch myself wishing Drake was on the scene. The chemistry between Chloe and Nadine is perfect for the screen, and the short running time of the game means there wasn’t a wasted second or slow point anywhere to be found.

Structurally, it sticks pretty close to the tried and tested formula, although it does give you a huge open world to play around in at around a third of the way through. I spent around three hours on this section alone, finding all the tokens and treasures. If Naughty Dog had given us nothing but this section as DLC, they’d have still got away with it. As it is, that open world is just a small part of probably the tightest, most action packed Uncharted release yet. The set pieces are incredible. We’ve seen Drake run atop speeding trains before, but this time was more bombastic, more adrenaline fuelled and more fun than any other. The story was as good as any other we’ve seen in the series yet (and make of that what you will), the climbing even more refined and smooth than in U4, and the puzzles didn’t once feel like they broke up the flow of the game.

All in all, Naughty Dog have done an incredible job of showing that there is life after Drake for Uncharted, and I for one cannot wait to see what they do next. If we get a shorter, more action packed adventure like this every couple of years, I’m all in.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – 5 Stars

2 thoughts on “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

  1. The Uncharted series is my all-time favourite video game series, ever. There’s no way I’d admit to any flaws and will always find 100000 reasons to prove its flawlessness. 😀 I completely agree with you on the Lost Legacy. I definitely enjoyed the trip with these badass chicks and hope Naughty Dogs will have more stories set in this world for us even if Nathan Drake might be done.

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    • I’ve heard a lot of people on podcasts go on about the complete dichotomy of Nathan Drake being a likeable happy-go-lucky kind of guy one minute, and a mass murderer the next, but I just want to grab them and say IT’S A VIDEO GAME! Haha.

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